How to build Farcaster Frames with Neynar

Build it 10x quicker than starting from scratch

Building a new Farcaster Frame? Read the Frame spec here to get started.

Once you have set up your Frame server with the right meta tags, you will want to know which users interacted with your Frame so that you can take the next appropriate action.

  1. Use Neynar Frame validation API to validate the incoming user interaction and get details about the interacting user, cast author and cast itself
  2. To test Frames on your local machine, set up ngrok and use ngrok as your Frame's POST url.

More open source Frame resources from @base in onchaintoolkit πŸ”΅

Now start making some frames and let us know if you have questions at /neynar! πŸͺ

Example $degen related Frame built using Neynar

Example $degen related Frame built using Neynar