How to query Neynar SQL playground for Farcaster data

Query real time Farcaster data for your data analyses, create and share dashboards

Neynar Farcaster SQL playground


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If you give chatgpt the table schema (i.e. column names and data types) and tell it what you want, it’ll write the sql query for you!


  • Query any Farcaster data in the playground
  • SQL access is also available over API, check your Redash profile for your API key. This is a separate API key for SQL only (not the same key as our read and write APIs)

SQL over API

  • Documentation on how to use SQL over API is here

Please reach out to rish on Telegram or Farcaster with feedback, questions or to ask for access

Notes on the database

Data is more raw compared to our APIs, please let us know if any particular views would be useful; we encourage API use instead of SQL if you’re building clients. You will likely need to join different tables when using SQL.

1. Follows

links table has follower <> follow data:

  • fidtarget_fid row means fid follows target_fid

2. Reactions

  • reaction_type 1 is “like” and 2 is “recast” in the reactions table
  • hash in the reactions table is the “reaction hash” and target_hash is the hash of the cast that received the reaction

3. Schema

Defined here